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Integrated Controls Environmental, LLC (ICE) - a Building Management System (BMS) integrator/operator – designs,
installs, and services state-of-the-art building and facility management systems for high-end residential,
commercial, industrial, and campus style facilities. We have been servicing the New York Metropolitan Area with Automated Logic Controls since 1995.
These systems – manufactured by Automated Logic
Corporation ( – totally integrate a facilities' many systems... In addition, ICE also provides
support services including sales, installation, maintenance and Factory End User Training.



Ogilvy & Mather New York HeadQuarters

The Helena Luxury Residential in New York City

BNL - Building 815: Global and Regional Solutions Directorate’s Applied Physical and Chemical Sciences building


Is a luxury residential high rise located on 45th in NYC’s west side, constructed in 2013. It is 32 stories with 1238 units that span a full city block. This property includes 15,000 sq ft of exclusive amenities, on-site parking, concierge service, fitness center and a 24 hour attended lobby . We control the climate in all of the open public spaces within the building. We also control cooling towers, steam boiler plant and multiple air handler / VAV systems.


Located on 45th street and 11th avenue is the 1st of its kind day and night market dining in Hell’s Kitchen NYC’s West Side. It is a large, open, glassed-in food hall housing 11 mini restaurants. Most have counter seating and will deliver food to communal tables that server the whole market. Our system controls all of the heating, cooling and ventilation for this open space market to help the customers comfortable while dining.

Ogilvy & Mather New York HeadQuarters

Located at 636 11th Avenue in NYC is one of the largest marketing companies in the world. They occupy the entire 11 story commercial building, approximately 550,000 sq ft. The property converted from a 1910 warehouse and is one of the main catalysts for the rejuvenation of Manhattan’s West Side. Our Automated Logic WebCTRL System controls over 1000 VAV’s throughout the buildings open floor plan. It also controls six cooling towers, the hot water boiler plant and the cooling in multiple datacenters within the building.

The Helena Luxury Residential in New York City

This is a 41 story Leed Gold Certified residential high-rise overlooking the Hudson River on the West 57th Street in NYC. Some of the Green Features are: Expansive glass walls that maximize natural light, building materials include recycled content to reduce impact on the environment, waste heat provides all of the hot water needs, at least 50% of the buildings energy is wind-generated. Our system interfaces with many of the green features throughout the building along with the main cooling and heating plants.

Global and Regional Solutions Directorate’s Applied Physical and Chemical Sciences building

In building 815 laboratories, materials science researchers are investigating ultra-sensitive tracer technologies for use in portable, durable instrumentation that can detect hazardous and potentially dangerous materials. ICE controls all HVAC functions for laboratory and office areas on two floors inclusive of air flow systems for laboratories with hazardous materials fume hood systems, VAV systems, chillers and campus chilled water systems, along with several Air Handling units and steam to hot water heat exchangers.

BNL - Center for Functional Nanomaterials

BNL - National Synchrotron Light Source II

BNL - Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB)

NSLS-II HXN Facility

BNL - Center for Functional Nanomaterials

The Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) explores the unique properties of materials and processes at the nanoscale. The CFN is a user-oriented research center whose mission is to be an open facility for the nanoscience research community and advance the science of nanomaterials that address the nation's energy challenges. The CFN has hosted a broad range of research investigations in nanoscience since its inception in diverse research areas, such as efficient catalysts, fuel cell chemistries and architectures, and photovoltaic (solar cell) components. Scientists and engineers can take advantage of the wealth of Facilities, Capabilities, Expertise, and Personnel that CFN has to offer, like:

  1. Thin film nanofabrication and processing capabilities within a 5,000 sq. ft. Class 100/1000 cleanroom facility
  2. Synthesis of organic and inorganic nanomaterials with specified functionality
  3. Time resolved absorption and emission spectroscopy
  4. Atomic resolution imaging with scanning transmission (STEM), transmission (TEM), and scanning tunneling (STM) electron microscopy

All HVAC functions of this world class facility are done by ICE for general office / support space, laboratory space, and scientific space. Temperature, humidity and pressure controls for an extremely large cleanroom facility, electron microscopes, as well as doing this all in a close to zero vibration tolerant facility.

BNL - National Synchrotron Light Source II

National Syncrotron Light Source II Facility Photon Sciences at Brookhaven National Laboratory is entering an exciting new chapter with one of the newest and most advanced synchrotron facilities in the world. NSLS-II will enable the study of material properties and functions with nanoscale resolution and exquisite sensitivity by providing world-leading capabilities for X-ray imaging and high-resolution energy analysis.

This facility is open to users from academia and industry and it begins operations at a time when the world is entering a new era with a global economy fueled largely by scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

NSLS-II provides the research tools needed to foster new discoveries and create breakthroughs in critical areas such as energy security, environment, and human health. ICE controls all HVAC functions in the ¾ mile round facility, from scientific to office support space.

Heating and cooling systems for VAV control of office space, full integration to Phoenix Laboratory Air Systems with Fume Hood VAV setup, to +/- .2°C control of the light source tunnel. Full control of HVAC functions for the experimental floor with 80’ ceiling heights and central control of temperature and pressure for the DI water system that is distributed to all buildings and experimental stations.

BNL - Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB)

The new world-class Interdisciplinary Science Building at Brookhaven Lab is an 87,700-square-foot facility containing 60 standard laboratories, four specialty labs, and offices, where researchers will collaborate to tackle America's most pressing energy challenges. Sustainable design and energy efficiency were significant factors that influenced construction of the ISB. The ISB design reduces energy consumption by 37 percent. In addition to energy-cost-saving strategies such as heat recovery, and highefficiency lighting systems and laboratory equipment.

ICE controls all HVAC functions for this facility from controlling the office areas with VAV systems using both air and water side economizer functions, space demand level controls and outside air reset. ICE also controls the fully integrated Phoenix Laboratory Air Systems along with Fume Hood controls in a VAV setup to reduce wasted conditioned air. This is also part of the air side heat recovery system for the lab. ICE also integrates with a dry room system for battery research to control these spaces to ½% relative humidity required by the scientists. The lighting system was part of the BMS design and is fully part of the ICE system. This system uses energy saving means of daylight harvesting, setback, vacancy sensors, as well as LED control.

NSLS-II HXN Facility (Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe Beamline)

The Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe (HXN) beamline at Brookhaven Lab's newest synchrotron, National Synchrotron Light Source II, recently completed the technical commissioning of the beamline's best-in-class x-ray microscope, achieving a resolution of 15 nanometers (nm). It is now ready for generaluser experiments in nanoscale imaging. The Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe takes full advantage of the ultra-bright x-rays produced by NSLS-II, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility.

The heart of the beamline is the HXN x-ray microscope, developed at NSLS-II. The microscope produces ultra-high resolution x-ray images by manipulating a sample and a pair of novel nanofocusing optics called multilayer Laue lenses, which are also fabricated at NSLS-II. Precise manipulation of the sample and lenses is achieved using state-of-the-art piezo stages and laser interferometers. ICE controls all the necessary equipment to provide the scientists the proper temperature, humidity, and pressure controls for this system to work properly. Tolerances for this facility are all in the less than +/- 1% range.


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